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S2 Rolloffs Yard Waste

Consistent with our goal to keep things easy for our customers and providing a fast, consistent service, the process of getting rid of your yard waste is not much different than taking out your trash.

What to expect when you sign up for yard waste service:

  • We deliver a can labeled and dedicated for yard waste.
  • On the same day you set your trash out, set your yard waste cart out with the wheels facing the house. It would help the driver out if you leave a little space between the cans for the truck’s grips.

What are the benefits of yard waste collection?

Grass clippings and leaves are a great resource when composted. Not only is it not necessary, but it adds tonnage to landfills which shortens the service life.

Instead of throwing the material into a landfill, we redirect the yard waste to be utilized for inexpensive mulch or other agricultural operations.

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I love using the recycling bins at Hy-Vee in Fremont.


They do a great job, very polite….they take care of business.


S2 Rolloffs is always served us in a timely manner and are a great help.


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