S2 Rolloffs Recycling

What does S2 Rolloffs do with my recycling materials?

  • S2 Rolloffs Partners with First Star Fiber in Omaha, Nebraska to sort the co-mingled recycling materials. From there the sorted materials go to companies that process and reuse the material making new goods.
  • S2 Rolloffs, at its’ recycling processing center in Fremont, Ne. bales cardboard and it is sent directly to a papermill to be processed.
  • Can S2 Rolloffs help my business reuse, reduce or recycle my refuse?
  • Yes, S2 Rolloffs works with many companies to reduce waste from going into the landfill. S2 Rolloffs has provided Cardboard Balers for inhouse cardboard preparation, recycling bins to meet your needs and S2 Roll offs can provide an Audit of materials to see if it is recyclable.

S2 Rolloffs list of items to be put in your Recycling Can. No Need to sort!

  • Aluminum Bottles and Cans
  • Cardboard from boxes
  • Butter Containers
  • Cat Litter Bucket
  • Clamshell Deli Containers
  • Coffee Containers
  • Egg Carton
  • Empty Pizza Box
  • Ice Cream Containers
  • Snap Top Containers
  • Soup Cans
  • To-Go Plastic Containers
  • Body Wash Bottles
  • Shampoo and Conditioner Bottles
  • Cleaning Solution Bottles
  • Empty pill and medicine bottles
  • Detergent and Softener Bottles
  • Empty Paint Cans
  • Magazines and Newspapers
  • Loose Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Envelopes


  • Rinsed Tin Cans
  • Brown Paper Bags
  • Milk and Juice Cartons
  • Juice Bottle
  • Microwave Plastic Containers
  • Pasta and Food Boxes
  • Plastic Lids
  • Plastic Cups
  • Plastic Tupperware
  • Salad Dressing Bottles
  • Cardboard packaging on Toothpaste boxes, soap boxes and toilet paper tubes
  • Kleenex boxes
  • Hair Care Product containers
  • Lotion Bottle
  • Mouthwash bottles
  • Soap Dispenser
  • Spray bottles
  • Mail and Junk Mail
  • Aerosol Cans
  • Metal Cans

Excluded Items:

  • Wood Waste, Pallett, Styrofoam or packing foam, Ceiling tiles, food, pet litter, light bulbs, concrete and glass

See What Our Happy Customers Are Saying

I like doing business with people I know, they have always taken good care of us.


I love using the recycling bins at Hy-Vee in Fremont.


They do a great job, very polite….they take care of business.


S2 Rolloffs is always served us in a timely manner and are a great help.


Once the material arrives at First Star Fiber’s location, it is sorted and sent to companies that process and reuse the material for use in new goods.

Why recycle?

The better question is “Why not recycle?” Recycling reduces the amount of a material going to a landfill which prolongs the service life of a landfill. Landfills, although necessary, are not exactly known for being desirable. They’re big, they smell, and they’re expensive. The longer we can get them to last, the fewer we’ll have to manage.

If that isn’t enough, how about it being easy. When you sign up with our recycling service, we deliver the container with a service schedule. All you need to do is fill it like your refuse container and put it out the night before your service day.

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